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Rewind to Fast-Forward

Delving into 200 hours of revealing home video, Sasha Joseph Neulinger tells his story as a survivor of multi-generational abuse (read more).

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4 Comments on “Rewind to Fast-Forward

  1. Just go ahead try your level best in spreading the message and hope the best. If you fail so… don’t worry you won’t :-)

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    Good luck, and God bless you !

  3. (This message is for Sasha Joseph Neulinger)

    Dear Mr. Neulinger,
    I just wanted to take the time to congratulate YOU and your father and all your family/supporters but mainly you….Thank you for making this film and doing everything possible to get it out on the big screen…As a former child abused victim that also suffered the abuse from family members and went on for years and still after years and coming out with the truth I don’t think I can say I’m a survivor but I know someday I will….Films like this and stories like your and your fathers make me have hope, hope to be one of you one day, a SURVIVOR of child sexual abuse….I’m now a mother a beautiful daughter and like every parent have fears but I’m super inspired by your story and it make me feel so appreciative to know that there are human beings that are making something positive out of something so dark and that in the end you are that voice for all those whom are silenced and with something that might seem so small to you or self rewarding, but looking at the bigger picture you could be someone’s hero…..the light at the end of the tunnel or that voice that ends their silence or even bigger picture you are saving child from falling victims to this disgusting epidemic as people would say but its not an epidemic is something that has always been there but has always been kept a secret….When I came out and finally began to save myself thanks to my parents support like you my fathers family was torn apart because you always have those who say shhh the family know and that’s all who need to know but thankfully after years of sexual abuse and a terrible relationship with my parents because of all that I was holding in, I find myself growing on a daily and when I bump into stories like yours I thank god that there are brave people like you in our world today….You will make a change and for that I must THANK YOU because small acts like your make a safer world for our children and give a better chance at the future…..sorry for the long comment but you inspired me to write it :) Best of luck but I know you don’t need it you got this (y)

  4. congrats on this project. ill be following you and ill watch your movie.

    What happend to you and your father is horrible and extremely sad, but you are now doing something positive and opening our eyes and mind on this difficult and taboo subject.

    Hope you are able to be happy. keep moving forward, the world is in front of you and waiting for all the magic you can bring it.

    Im sending big hugs to you and your father.

    laurence from montreal, QC (CAN)

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